We believe in God, the creator of the world and everything in it.
It is God who gives life, who lifts us up in love, who hears our prayers, and who provides everything we need from day to day.

We believe that God, the Father, sent his Son into the world through an earthly family so that he could share in the joys and pains of being human.
We believe that Jesus came to show us the love of God and to fix our broken relationship with the Father.
Jesus bridges the gap between God and us. And it is Jesus alone who is able to do this because he is both mortal and immortal.
Jesus teaches us truths about God by his Holy example and through stories about the Kingdom of Heaven.
When Jesus willingly gave up his life for us on the cross, he took away the sins of all people in all times – past, present, and future.
Jesus rose from the dead. It is in the miracle of the resurrection that he shows us the power of God over sin, death and the devil.

We believe in the Holy Spirit of God who sustains our life each and every day.
It is God’s Spirit who gives us power to resist temptation, to come to God in prayer and to grow in faith throughout our lives.
In the Holy Trinity – God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – we boldly live out our faith in the hope and assurance of eternal life. Amen