April 21, 2020

Published April 22, 2020 by St Matthews Lutheran Church in Daily Message

Every nation has been affected by the far-reaching impacts and loss of life from the coronavirus pandemic. Pray for all countries and for cooperation between nations, our global siblings in Christ, and especially for the health and care of those who are most vulnerable—elders, people of all ages with severe chronic conditions, and those who suffer poverty and lack of medical care.

                              Living Lutheran, Prayer Ventures, April 21

The good news of Jesus’ resurrection continues to inspire us as we remain in the season of Eastertide. But as the celebrations of Resurrection Sunday fade in the rearview, how do we continue to live in response to God’s victory over the powers of sin and the grave? This week’s lectionary readings point to practical things we can do in light of God’s work.

After the first Christian Pentecost, we are told that all those who were added to the number of Jesus’ followers devoted themselves to four things: the apostles’ teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayers, In other words, the natural response of the earliest post-ascension followers of Jesus was to study, converse, eat and pray together.

In our current “era” of social distancing, being physically together in worship is not possible – by practicing restraint we are also practicing charity for the sake of the most vulnerable to CoVid-19. We can’t worship in the same space, but we can join virtually in worship. (If you haven’t been receiving the links for our Sunday worship services contact the office, Teresa or me.) We can’t share the table yet – what a great celebration it will be when we can! We can study God’s word and we can pray.

Set aside time each day for both.

Let us pray.

Holy and gracious God, in the resurrection of your Son you recreated reality drawing us into the kingdom. Grant us the grace to set aside fear, anxiety, biases and prejudice to pray for one another. Guide the leaders of the nations to thoughtful cooperation in addressing the public health issues facing us. Give us the faith to trust in you and the hearts to care. Amen.