December 19, 2020

Published December 19, 2020 by St Matthews Lutheran Church in Daily Message

My Soul Proclaims Your Greatness
                                                      ELW #251

1    My soul proclaims your greatness, Lord;

      I sing my Savior’s praise!

      You looked upon my lowliness,

      and I am full of grace.

      Now ev’ry land and ev’ry age

      this blessing shall proclaim—

      great wonders you have done for me,

      and holy is your name.

2    To all who live in holy fear

      your mercy ever flows.

      With mighty arm you dash the proud,

      their scheming hearts expose.

      The ruthless you have cast aside,

      the lowly throned instead;

      the hungry filled with all good things,

      the rich sent off unfed.

3    To Israel, your servant blest,

      your help is ever sure;

      the promise to our parents made

      their children will secure.

      Sing glory to the Holy One,

      give honor to the Word,

      and praise the Pow’r of the Most High,

      one God, by all adored. Text: With One Voice, 1995, based on the Magnificat, Text © 1995 Augsburg Fortress. Used by permission Lic #27833