New Video Resource

Event Date: December 30, 2020 Time: Location:

New Video Resource from Pr. Rob Carlson, Assistant to the Bishop & Director for Evangelical Mission

A new video resource from Pr. Rob Carlson has been shared to help you navigate the life cycle of your congregation. This video, titled Congregational Life-Cycles, is now available!

As Vitality is a spiritual strategic process for congregations, it’s good to see a schematic for what it looks like over a period of time. We have borrowed and altered for our purposes a typical life-cycle anticipated for most any organization.

This video will offer information about future-think as we see the process unfold.

Typically, the life-cycle is a 3-5 year process before full Vitality is actually reached in a congregation. It is important to see how participation happens over the short term into the long term. There is an anticipation that the Vitality process will repeat itself within a congregation every 4-5 years so that we can stay current with “what God hopes for us”.

You can watch the video by clicking here, or by visiting the Vitality page on our synod website.