Finance / Property

Finance Committee Duties

  • Oversee and provide for the proper conduct of the financial affairs of the Congregation
  • Prepare an annual budget for the Congregation’s ministries for presentation to the Congregation Council
  • Present the annual budget at the first session of the special Congregational meeting
  • Assist the Congregation Council in securing adequate loss and liability coverage of church properties
  • Assist the Congregation Council as needed with investments and special church funds
  • Assist the Treasurer and Financial Secretary of the Congregation in their duties

Committee Members

Liaison:     Dave Llewellyn
Chairman:  Joe Dorety
Treasurer:  Jill Anderson
Financial Secretary:  Yen Sanders
Bob Cronin
Richard Smith
Elly Llewellyn

Property Committee

The Property Committee oversees and provides proper maintenance and protection of all property of the congregation.  It conducts periodic inspections of all property and makes recommendations to the Congregation Council on expenditure for construction, major repairs and modifications.   This includes items such as building inspections, installing equipment, landscape maintenance & Irrigation, building care painting and cleaning, A/C and water heater systems, roof repairs, lighting, electrical usage, etc.  The Property Committee chairman is presently Gary Kline.
2012 Yard Cleanup
The Property Committee intends to sponsor a Spring Clean-up of the exterior grounds on Saturday, March 17, 2012 from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., or until clean-up is completed.. Refreshments will be available. All help will be greatly appreciated. Work items will be geared toward men and women, young or old and the youth. Trimming trees, spreading mulch, pulling weeds and general clean-up of our Church grounds. Remember the Congregation that works together stays together.
Spring Cleanup of Church Grounds
     The Property Committee
     sponsored the Spring ’09 Clean-up
     of the St. Matthews property