January 12, 2022

Published January 12, 2022 by St Matthews Lutheran Church in Daily Message

Give thanks for the daily, life-giving work of the Spirit, which creates, strengthens and sustains our devotion to Jesus Christ. Pray that the Spirit will renew us and empower us to live as people of faith, gathered and equipped to love and serve our neighbor, bear hope into the world and share the gospel with all people.

                   Prayer Ventures, Living Lutheran, January 12, 2022

I was reminded at a virtual council meeting this past Monday that our Mission Statement as the “Church” – capital “C” – is simply to love God and love neighbor. Its simple, but not easy. We are at a critical point of discernment in our life together as St. Matthew New Life – how are we -right now in this place – called to love God and neighbor? Please pray for wisdom and clarity as we tackle difficult questions and decisions.

Pastor Ellen