July 7, 2020

Published July 7, 2020 by St Matthews Lutheran Church in Daily Message

We understand well Paul’s struggle between the inclinations of human nature and following the ways of God and teachings of Jesus. Pray for forgiveness and strengthened faith when we are weak or make poor decisions; pray that we will be guided and encouraged by the Spirit of God that dwells within us.

Vigil of Lament & Prayer
July 9 at 7:00pm

Join members and leaders from throughout the Florida-Bahamas Synod for a virtual prayer vigil and time of lament together.  

Our Florida-Bahamas Synod community is invited to gather in solidarity, to witness to one another’s pain and to lift up our prayers for peace and justice. We will hear from Bishop Pedro Suárez and other Synod leaders, and will have time to express our grief, hope, and faith.  

Why Lament Matters:  As a society, we have been rushing to fix the problems that plague our communities. We have urgently sought a vaccine for COVID-19. We have championed justice and reform in response to police brutality. We have tried to find modern solutions to our problems and viable alternatives to traditional meetings and events.   But through these struggles, we have seldom taken the time to mourn the loss we collectively feel. Our pain is universal, and it is time to gather as a community and lament as God’s people during this trying time.   Let us stop, for a brief moment, and share in each other’s grief and suffering. Let us support and hear one another. Let us take a break from our efforts to fix our society’s issues and spend precious time mourning together and affirming our shared mission.

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