March 3, 2021

Published March 3, 2021 by St Matthews Lutheran Church in Daily Message

Jesus Loves Me!                                        ELW #595

1    Jesus loves me! this I know,

      for the Bible tells me so;

      little ones to him belong,

      they are weak, but he is strong.


      Yes, Jesus loves me,

      yes, Jesus loves me,

      yes, Jesus loves me,

      the Bible tells me so.

2    Jesus loves me! he who died

      heaven’s gates to open wide;

      he will wash away my sin,

      let his little child come in.  Refrain

3    Jesus loves me! he will stay

      close beside me all the way;

      when at last I come to die,

      he will take me home on high.  Refrain

Text: Anna B. Warner, 1820-1915, alt., Public Domain