May 13, 2020

Published May 13, 2020 by St Matthews Lutheran Church in Daily Message

Give thanks that God knows us intimately and listens to our prayers, and that God is our rock, refuge and source of steadfast love in all circumstances and in all places.

            Prayer Ventures, Living Lutheran, May 13, 2020

Jesus Is a Rock in a Weary Land          ELW #333

Jesus is a rock in a weary land,
a weary land, a weary land;
my Jesus is a rock in a weary land,
a shelter in a time of storm.

1    No one can do like Jesus,
not a mumbling word he said;
he went walking down to Lazarus’ grave,
and he raised him from the dead.  Refrain

2    When Jesus was on earth,
the flesh was very weak;
he took a towel and girded himself
and he washed his disciples’ feet.  Refrain

3    Yonder comes my Savior,
him whom I love so well;
he has the palm of victory
and the keys of death and hell.  Refrain

Text: African American spiritual

Worship update: Your congregational Council and the Worship Committee have decided that wisdom requires delaying reopening for worship together at least until the end of May. Watch for updates!