November 7, 2020

Published November 7, 2020 by St Matthews Lutheran Church in Daily Message

Continue to pray for our global companions as some countries experience a new wave of COVID-19 infections. Pray for those countries most affected, that we might share physical and spiritual support and resources, mutually encourage leaders and congregations, and wait patiently for the day when we can celebrate our unity and work together in person.

                                                Prayer Ventures, Living Lutheran

In Christ There Is No East or West

1 In Christ there is no east or west,
in him no south or north,
but one community of love
throughout the whole wide earth.

3 Join hands, disciples of the faith,
whate’er your race may be.
All children of the living God
are surely kin to me.

4 In Christ now meet both east and west,
in him meet south and north;
all Christly souls are one in him
throughout the whole wide earth.

Text: John Oxenham, 1852-1941, alt.