October 29, 2020

Published October 29, 2020 by St Matthews Lutheran Church in Daily Message

Five ways to celebrate All Saints Day at home

By Tim Brown , Living Lutheran, October 27, 2020

Pictures and candles

Purchase small votive candles and, while you’re attending worship (by whatever means are available), light the candles to commemorate those who have gone before.

Food and familiar smells

Use All Saints Day to make a favorite meal once cooked by someone whom you love but who is no longer with you.

Stories and songs

All Saints is the perfect day to listen intentionally to that music or pass along that family lore to children, partners or anyone willing to hold the space and the day with you to remember loved ones.

Saintly study

Take the day to do a little research on a saint.

Postcard from the past

One of the honest realizations about All Saints Day is that one day we will all be remembered by someone on this holy day. Take this day to write a postcard to a younger relative, noting some of the beauty you see in the world, giving a nod to your favorite music and perhaps even telling a simple memory or two that have shaped your life.