September 15, 2020

Published September 15, 2020 by St Matthews Lutheran Church in Daily Message

As God’s baptized children we don’t ever get to retire from the challenges and  opportunities of the faith. We know the truth of “dust we are and to dust we shall return,” but in between the opportunities are endless—to do good to our neighbor, to forgive as we have been forgiven, and to sing praises to our God, who made us out of love, and who sustains us with love and the promise to be with us until the end. Alleluia! Amen!


Holy God of beginnings and endings hold us close and send us forth confident in your leading. We entrust our lives—all that we are and have—to your tender mercies. Thank-you for all you are and all you have been for us. Here we are. Send us forth with the glorious news of forgiveness and hope. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Excerpted God Pause, Luther Seminary, Josef Aalbue ’70 M.Div., September 13, 2020