February 6, 2022 Sermon

By Pastor Ellen Cross on February 6, 2022
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Worship Plan for Sunday Feb 6 2022

I hope everyone is home, warm and dry! My gracious it sure has been a cool weekend! It was so nice to be able to enjoy the warm temperatures this week! Thank you Father!

Well, the Holy Spirit was in Dearing Chapel this morning!! What an amazing sermon from Pastor Ellen!! I’m confident I wasn’t the only person in need of a tissue!

Even with the rain, wind and chilly temperatures, we worshipped and enjoyed an amazing Fellowship Hour after the sermon!!! The coffee was fresh, the Danish was delicious and the company was amazing!!! Thank you Jesus!  

Above is the link for today’s YouTube Video. (Spoiler Alert…..It was inspirational, and just what I needed today)!!!

Below is an attached document, that is today’s bulletin so you may follow along.

I hope you enjoy the worship service as much as I did.

Stay safe everyone!!!

God Bless All of you!!!