June 6,2021 Sermon

By Pastor Ellen Cross on June 6, 2021

Worship Plan for Sun June 6 2021 Prop 5 Lect 10 B Final

I hope everyone has enjoyed this beautiful day the Lord has made!!!!
My thoughts this morning were so focused on how the young men must have felt as they prepared to storm the beaches Normandy. I also thought of their family and loved ones.
Last week we remembered our brave men and women that paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. Only few days later our thoughts turn to D-Day.
I thank God for the men and women that defended freedom in the past and defend freedom today!!  I am also so thankful that our Father, His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are with each and everyone of them!!!!
I hope you enjoy today’s worship video!! It was an amazing service, with a wonderful message and beautiful songs!!!!
May each and everyone one of you enjoy the rest of your evening!!!!!

God Bless You!!!!!