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St. Matthew’s New Life Lutheran Church is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) What We Believe – Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (

We here at St. Matthew’s New Life fully support and embrace people who have been hurt by institutional church, find themselves on the margins of our society, and are looking for a new way to be in part of the Mission of God here in our community. We are a small faith community that is looking for new ways to listen to God, pray for guidance in what God is asking of us, and seeking ways to help our community prosper.

Most of all we want you to feel cared for and loved by God when you are in our midst, as Christ showed us in His ministry. Our Mission is to Love God and Love our Neighbors.

In 2018 St Matthew sold our church property and sought a new way to be about ministry in the Arlington/Jacksonville community. Although COVID slowed us down a bit, we took that time to be in prayer, heal from the divide of selling a traditional church building, and make our hearts ready to walk into this new phase in our faith journey.

We know that the ministries at the heart of our life together are feeding hungry people and helping people who find themselves on the margins of our community. We actively participate in Micha’s Backpacks and Sock Drop. (put links to those pages)  We invite you to come and journey with us into God’s preferred future for our faith community.