Sock Drop

Sock Drop? That ‘s what we have named the ministry we created as we were invited to participate in the distribution of socks donated by the Bombas Sock Company. What began with sharing these socks and some water with people experiencing homelessness has grown into providing nonperishable food items, rain ponchos, hygiene products, t-shirts, snacks, ice pops and more to those in need.

This typically happens once per month. The congregation gathers after worship to pack bags filled with items people need. Then during the upcoming week, a group meets with the packed bags and drives downtown to distribute these bags. Over time, by listening, we have come to learn the needs of people who are experiencing homelessness and we have added items to distribute accordingly. This month we have purchased men’s under garments as we respond to that need. There is joy in this ministry as we listen to our less fortunate neighbors when we ask the question, “what can we do to help?”.  That joy may be felt by the community at large, but it starts with our own joy in being able to show the love of Christ.

Bombas has now chosen St. Matthews Lutheran Church to be a direct giving partner for their socks. This means we will be able to order and receive socks directly for distribution according to the need. We are proud to be a partner with a company that cares enough to donate one pair of socks for every pair purchased.  Our packing and distribution schedule are listed on our calendar. You are always welcome to join us – whether you would like to help in packing the bags, donating items for distribution, or joining us in the journey to distribute them, all help is welcome. You are welcome. You are loved.

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